Specialty Construction - Facility Maintenance

Since 1971, Mid-State Facility Service has been meeting the construction maintenance and emergency repair needs of both small and large commercial-industrial firms and institutions in this region. We can meet a client's immediate need to renovate or build-out a space for quick occupancy and handle unique or challenging jobs that require special adaptations, noise and dust control requirements, as well as routine facility maintenance. Healthcare facilities, hospitals, offces, food processing plants and manufacturing operations have all looked to Mid-State for these types of solutions.

Armed with a wealth of real world working experience, Mid-State Facility Services have the craftsmen and skills necessary to deliver your project, no matter how unique or specialized, within your budget and on-time. We are a truly comprehensive resource with the ability to deliver emergency maintenance repairs, loan skilled craftsmen to augment in-house stas, renovate, build-out and complete work in specialized environments.